I admit that when I pull the card about babies, I stick it back in the deck. What deck, you wonder? “Ask and It Is Given,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Law of Attraction gurus. The deck was a gift from my co-author and friend, Jordan E. Rosenfeld (Forged in Grace, Make a Scene, and our lovely, collaborative Write Free). What is the card I reject? The one that says, “But What about Those Innocent Little Babies?”

What about them? I echo. This can’t have anything to do with me. I’m over 50, my daughter is grown, there are no babies on the horizon from daughter or stepson. I tuck the card away and grab another.

But it keeps coming up. The wisdom on the back of the card reads, “Even your babies are offering vibrations that the Universe is matching. And, like you, your little ones are influenced by the vibration of those who surround them, but nevertheless, they are creating their own reality. And like you, long before your physical birth, they set into motion this life experience they are now living.”

Again, nothing to do with me. Except: “like you.” Meaning, perhaps, that the little ones mirror our lives and their vibrations. My life is a reflection of the vibration I conjure, according to the Law of Attraction. The higher the vibe, the more robust the life.

Still, “the babies”? Why, I wonder, does this card keep coming up?

The beauty of an inquiry is that an answer usually comes. This one arrived in the form of a dream in which, yes, there were babies. I was swimming laps in a community pool–an indoor pool, not one I recognized. As I approached the end of the lane and readied for a flip turn, I saw two little bundles sinking through the water below me. Huh, I thought. That’s weird. Those are babies. I executed my  turn and crawl-stroked away.

But on my return, the babies were still there. They had sunk farther. It dawned on me that they were going to drown. They were probably already turning blue. I dove for them and brought both back up to oxygen. I made sure they were breathing and taken care of. Then I resumed swimming. The babies were tended and in good hands. I’m certain they survived

Maybe those babies were my creative works. Or maybe they were my friends and family–relationships that need attention. Maybe they were my body–my hurting arms that need healing, my back that needs constant care to be pain free. Whatever they represent (and I’m certain a Jungian could tell me in an instant) they are, like me, influenced by the vibrations I bring to them. And–key word–they are innocent. They are free of my reach; they have realities of their own to live out. It puts me in mind of raising a child, or attending a friendship, or writing a book. The other person or entity has its own energy to manifest. It’s not all about my input, although I do have my part to play.

I’ll accept this card now, each time it comes up. I’ll do my best to stay vigilant to those innocent little babies, whatever form they take. And I’ll offer them breath. Then I’ll stand back enough to let them breathe on their own.



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2 responses to “Babies

  1. Interesting post. While reading this I am reminded as I get older i have a desire to recapture those things I loved to do as a child, before the age of ten. Questions like who was that little girl? What did she find joy in doing? What made her laugh or feel free?

    • What great questions, Barbara. Recently I attended a lecture by physicist and novelist Ransom Stephens about Your Pursuit of Greatness. He said that the dreams that we held at age twelve are pretty good indicators of what still inspires us. Twelve’s a bit beyond ten, but the same feeling is there: that we have an inherent wisdom worth paying attention to! Those babies.

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