Ten reasons I miss our little old stationery store, driven out of business by Staples this year.

10. The way the owner asked, “Can I help you?” when I walked in the door.

9. How the owner used to help me compare the generic printer cartridges with the brand name ones.

8. The acre of receipts I just took home from Staples, with barcodes and promises of rebates if I’m willing to write to El Paso to get them.

El Paso, Texas

El Paso, Texas

7. The way the Staples checker knew my name today, but only after reading it off my Rewards card.

6. The Staples muzak coming over the speakers.

5. The call for help up front coming over the Staples intercom.

4. The lines.

3. The stultifying air.

2. The way the Staples staff ask, “Can I help you?” but only after I’ve already spent decades looking for the right ink cartridge.

1. The empty stationery storefront, joining the dozens of other small businesses now standing empty in our community.

Thank you, city fathers and mothers, for letting this “non-big-box store” come to our town.



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4 responses to “Community

  1. L Howan

    Well said — your astute observations make me feel like both laughing and weeping.

  2. So true! There’s that old saying, “Might as well laugh or we’ll cry.” Or something like that!

  3. L Howan

    And it’s so true: over the intercom, there’s always that call for help up front!

  4. Yeah! And those crackly, booming calls interrupt the mindflow of those of us who’ve entered a meditative state after hours of searching for the right pen! Which the helpful owner of the old store would have found for us in two minutes! And the really shameful thing is, the pen would’ve been cheaper at the old store (which was wrongfully labeled expensive).

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