Forum. In Merriam-Webster’s Tenth (no I will not replace it): “Akin to the Latin foris outside or fores door. Also fora. A public meeting place for open discussion.”

If you haven’t been to Marlene Cullen’s Writing Workshops, go now. You can go in person if you live in the Bay Area, or you can go to her website at or her facebook page: if you can’t get to Petaluma, California, on a third Thursday.

Marlene is often thinking about writing: prompts, presentations, conferences, freewrites. She’s a vital, giving person, and a lovely writer herself. I can’t wait for the day she offers Writing on the Bay, perhaps in a boat like Bogie’s Santana: Now that would be an outside open discussion! Never mind his silly comment about not being able to pee over the side. Of course we’d let him! As long as we get to write!

Carpe sailing. Carpe fora. Carpe Marlene and the Writer’s Forum!



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