Tonight I’m sharing a special post, written by my excellent colleague and friend, Jordan Rosenfeld, and transplanted here on my blog. I find it very touching and hope you will, too!

As those of you who have read Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life know, the book is about aligning yourself with your desires, filling yourself with gratitude and thus becoming a powerful magnet for what you wish to be and do. That’s why Becca Lawton and I are thrilled to be able to use the energy of this book to draw funds to a cause that means a lot to us.

For every copy of Write Free you purchase through this site, $10 will be donated, tax deductible, in your name (you’ll receive a receipt) to The Children’s Organ Transplant Association on behalf of Dustin Lucas, who has just received the great news that he is now officially on the transplant list awaiting a new set of lungs. Dustin is a strong young man living with Cystic Fibrosis, an inherited disease that causes thick, sticky mucus to form in the lungs, pancreas and other organs. People with CF have a shorter-than-normal life expectancy. The good news is that as treatments for CF improve, the life expectancy for people with the disease is rising. Fifty years ago, children with CF often died before attending elementary school. Today many people with the disease live into their 30s and beyond.

Dustin’s chances are increased immeasurably with his impending lung transplant, a pricey but life-prolonging treatment.

Whether you write or not, Write Free is also a helpful reminder on how to draw the creative life you desire to you, and makes a great gift. We hope you can help!

Purchase copies by clicking This Link and then selecting the “buy paperback” option under the cover of Write Free.


Jordan and Becca


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