September cruise ship shuttles sightseers to the town of Sitka.
There’s the auditory meaning of the word, and the connotation that something sound is in good condition.  There’s also sound as in body of water, an embayment too deep, wide, or rugged to be called a cove.  Sitka Sound is that kind of place, an opening to the North Pacific with a clear, cold surface so alluring one could watch the comings and goings of whales, sea lions, cormorants, eagles, and murrelets all day.

The Baranof Totem Pole undergoes rehabilitation: removal of bolts that once held it together, repair of cracks that open in the wood after years of standing in the weather.

Frog gets a new coat of paint during the Baranof Totem Pole rehabilitation.

Pink, or humpback, salmon use their last strength to swim to the streambank after spawning.

Eagle from the George Benson designed raven-and-eagle canoe in downtown Sitka.

No Thoroughfare Bay off Sitka Sound during a warm autumn wind smells of spruce and alder.

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